Review: We Came Here to Forget

by Andrea Dunlop (Atria, 2019)

Who hasn't run away from problems only to land in more trouble? Main character Katie (aka Liz) travels all the way from Utah to Argentina only to discover that she can't escape grief over her recent losses: career, boyfriend, sister, self-identity. This entertaining novel swept me away to the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, alive with tango parties, quirky characters, and shadowy history. I love how the author braids the shadowy legacy of los desaparecidos (thousands who vanished during Argentina's military dictatorship in the 1970s-80s) with other ways that personal identity is shattered or hidden. No easy answers here. Dunlop explores essential themes: friendship, romantic triangles, body image, mental illness, travel, recovery from tragedy, family ties, sisterhood, elite competitive sports (skiing). A great travel read for a long train, plane, or bus ride. One of my top Women’s Fiction picks for summer!

WeCameHeretoForget Cover.jpg
Karen Lewis