Review: Mrs. Everything

by Jennifer Weiner (Atria Books, 2019)

Bestselling author Jennifer Weiner’s character-driven women's fiction traces the lives of two sisters who navigate crosscurrents of tradition and rebellion during an era of rapid social change. Plot is propelled by characters and also by dynamic countercultural forces of the times. If all you need is love, what if that love is judged as immoral, deviant, or illegal? Book groups: gather those vintage gelatin dessert recipes and hunker down for astonishing discussions. This novel holds power to crack through generations of silence, family secrets, and hidden aspects of self. Provocative themes include: sisterhood, motherhood, interracial marriage, gender equity, same-sex love, family dynamics, communal living, female rage and rebellion, marriage (varieties of), youthful mistakes, second chances. Read the full review on BookBrowse.

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Karen Lewis