Review: A Spark of Light

by Jodi Picoult (Ballantine Books, 2018)

This compelling thriller takes place inside a women’s health clinic in Mississippi. A strong cast of diverse characters figure out how to endure assault by a lone gunman. A Spark of Light includes an author's note and resources; it's a dynamic choice for book groups. There are many themes ripe for discussion: secrets, abortion, the challenges of single father/motherhood, teen access to medical care, gun violence, racism, reluctant parenthood, medical ethics and many more.

As in real life, philosophic, religious, legal and scientific debates about "when life begins" remain unresolved at best, and the impetus for violent confrontations at worst. The author's thorough research and careful construction of plot are apparent, and she explores these divisive issues with sensitivity and tact. Read my full review on BookBrowse.

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Karen Lewis